Friday, August 09, 2013

"You're just another part of the circus of life."

David Gordon Green is back with the well-received Prince Avalanche, which (it seems) is a combination of the humor of his studio comedies with the lyricism of his early work. I still love Green's debut George Washington.
"I've always been a very practical person. And I know in the independent films that I love—'Killer of Sheep' or 'Sling Blade' or 'Stranger Than Paradise'—they're accessible worlds to the filmmaker. 'George Washington' was a movie that was basically existing in my backyard, just waiting for someone to film it. Interesting kids, killer locations, just the beauty of youth and tragedy: That was just everyday life in the neighborhood in Winston-Salem where I was living," he said. "You're not shooting in mansions and highways, difficult logistical locations. You're shooting in mostly ghettos where you're welcome there if you're cool and respectful and treat everybody right. There's not location fees, there's not a lot of headaches and frustrations and ego and arrogance about where you are. You're just another part of the circus of life.

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