Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"...dogmas of the left..."

Kelly Reichardt discusses Night Moves and what she likes about her actors, including Dakota Fanning (above).
Q: “Night Moves” is a different genre for you, in a way. What attracted you to this story? At the premiere you said you weren’t necessarily interested in making a movie about eco-terrorism.

A: I’m super interested in direct activists. I’m interested in anybody who puts themselves at risk and stands up against the powers that be. I don’t have that in me, so I find it interesting, and part of what’s interesting is also part of what’s sad. It’s often young people, and they make certain decisions that end up affecting their whole life. You know, I’m mad about all the crap in this country. The corporations won; I get it. They own everything and they’ve got the air, the ocean, the forest—they’ve got it all. Whatever. It feels so much like a lost battle that anybody who can still get up every day and fight for an environmental cause to me is quite heroic. I’m glad they’re there.

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