Monday, September 02, 2013

Hello I Must Be Going

A freshly divorced woman falls for a younger man and only then realizes the ways in which the relationship could screw up her life. What sounds like a rote plot is redeemed in Todd Louiso's Hello I Must Be Going by the performance of Melanie Lynskey as Amy, who after her divorce has been living with her parents for three months and wearing the same T-shirt the whole time. Amy's attendance at a business dinner hosted by her father (John Rubinstein) leads to a meeting with 19-year old Jeremy (Christopher Abbott of Girls) and an unexpected attraction that threatens to jeopardize a deal that could save her father's career. The other central asset of Hello I Must Be Going is the script by Sarah Koskoff which allows Amy an intelligence and an ability to balance her new feelings with an awareness of the potential consequences. Lynskey, who played opposite Kate Winslet in Heavenly Creatures, has never had a role that allowed her as much sensitivity or sexiness as she displays here. Blythe Danner has some wonderful moments as Amy's mother, whose reaction to her husband's impending retirement is central to the movie's theme of women suddenly finding themselves somewhere other than the center of a man's attention. The resolution may be all too predictable, though the scene between Amy and her ex-husband (Dan Futterman) strikes some unexpected noted of acceptance, but the journey is what matters. Hello I Must Be Going is a sharp directorial debut for Louiso, best known for playing the jazz-loving babysitter in Jerry Maguire. Louiso's interest in and awareness of smart women and their emotional gradations can only be a boon to future projects.

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