Saturday, September 07, 2013

"...just as sticky and filled with friction..."

Lynn Shelton is a director whose films are growing in size and ambition. Shelton's new film is Touchy Feely and I've reviewed her Humpday and Your Sister's Sister. (
"There have been so many romantic comedies done that a straightforward romantic comedy is just so not interesting to me," says the cheerful fortysomething auteur, whose latest effort, "Touchy Feely," hits theaters on Sept. 6 (it's already available on VOD). "If there's love involved somehow, that's great, but I do tend to get drawn to other relationships like siblings and friendships because those can be just as sticky and filled with friction and interesting."

Her love interests don't meet cute—they already know each other, and their lives are frustratingly intertwined, even as they struggle to make genuine and enduring connections. "You never know where the heart is going to lead, and often, it's to the most inappropriate places," says Shelton. "Falling in love with people—it's all a big mess, isn't it?" By the end of her endearingly awkward and naturalistic films, the characters are lucky if they're still speaking to one another. Suffice to say that all of their relationship statuses on Facebook would read: "It's complicated."

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