Monday, January 27, 2014

In A World

Lake Bell's In A World is a sly work of feminism disguised as a Hollywood comedy. Carol Solomon (Bell) is a freelance vocal coach who cadges for whatever work she can get, even if it's helping Eva Longoria learn a Cockney accent. Carol's father Sam (Fred Melamed) is a well-known voice-over artist who's grooming a successor (Ken Marino) for a big movie trailer audition, one which uses the hackneyed "In a world" introduction. A big part of the fun of the movie is spending time with these people. Lake Bell is a beauty with the heart of a great comedienne and Fred Melamed makes a marvelous peacock. There's more to In A World than just jokes at Hollywood's expense though, Carol's sister (Michaela Watkins) is going through a bad patch with her husband (Rob Corddry) and the two sisters reconnect over the realization that the movie business raised them as much as any parent ever did. Carol has a chance for romance with a sweet recording engineer (Demetri Martin), but love is only a sideshow here. The movie ends with a Carol at a professional peak but also aware that she's still a part of the Hollywood machine. What's it all about? Lake Bell's message is a simple but important one. We all need to hear a woman's voice.

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