Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A Little Respect

Kim Novak's appearance at the Oscars occasioned a round of nasty tweets, but even in her heyday Novak faced much worse than snark. (Self-Styled Siren)
“I made you, I can break you,” was Cohn’s refrain to Novak and many another actor. She was a naturally shy, insecure woman and Cohn liked it that way. He’d call Novak into his office and read her every bad review she got. And she got plenty; Novak was never a darling of the press. If she tried something dramatic, she was wooden. If she did a sexy role, she was too heavy, too dumb. When she went to the Oscars one year and posed on the red carpet, one columnist sniped that Novak was “aping Marilyn’s every move.”
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