Tuesday, January 06, 2015

"It takes time to find out what you want."

HBO's Looking is back for Season 2.
The tweaking went further than just adding more skin: The tart fan favorite Lauren Weedman, who plays Dom’s best friend, Doris, has become for all intents and purposes a regular and even gets her own love interest (Bashir Salahuddin), while all sorts of flare-ups from the first season are being addressed, including ­Patrick’s unprotected sexual encounter from the season-one finale. And as the scope of the show grows and new characters come onboard, more physical types have been added to a cast that was ­heretofore either white or Latin and pretty much exclusively gym-fit. “We’ve done Q&As with people who had seen the show,” says Groff, “and this older bearish gentleman raised his hand at one, on the verge of tears, and was like, ‘I really enjoy the show, it’s been great to watch, but I’m not seeing myself in it. This is about a group of gay men, but I don’t know them.’ And for me, the biggest thing about the reaction to the show was a reflection of just that: There were obviously people dying to be heard and to be seen.”

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