Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Music: Sleater - Kinney "No Cities To Love"

Articles about Sleater-Kinney are thick on the ground recently, but this one at Pitchfork is my favorite in terms of charting the arc of their career, hiatus, reunion, and new cultural cachet. While you wait to by the album please enjoy this celebrity laden video.
There was supposed to be someone else, some other band that blazed through the path Sleater-Kinney made, some fiery young upstarts who took up that banner and made us true believers, set the awful world right, stamping and railing under those stage lights, loosing that feminist fury, and earning the right to rule upon us in hot waves of punk pummel. Instead, we were left with a Sleater-Kinney-shaped hole in our musical cosmos for nearly a decade. Like Fugazi, Nirvana, or Bad Brains before them—so singular a force, so powerfully perfect—there was no replicating what or who they were.

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