Monday, February 09, 2015

Portman on Malick

Natalie Portman on working with Terrence Malick in Knight of Cups:
I felt really lucky to have worked with Terry right before directing for the first time [the feature “A Tale of Love and Darkness”] because he reminded me that the rules of filmmaking are not necessary, the way we do things, the rituals we have are not necessary and you can find your own way. [You have] to allow the mistakes, to welcome the problems. What you might normally consider a problem, Terry would look as an opportunity: when it’s raining, you shoot in the rain. You don’t change the schedule which is what you would normally do. I think that kind of embracing the unknown and chance and anything can happen was really… and also a certain searching for the discoveries every day. There’s no sense of that you have a script that you’re executing and making the movie. It’s like every day is a search for something beautiful, which is a great way to go even into a more conventional shoot.
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